Client Stories - Pauline

Personel TrainingPauline – I was diagnosed with COPD in September 2011. The main symptoms of the disease are increased breathlessness, persistent cough and frequent chest infections. Smoking was the main cause and in December 2011 I was really ill and ended up in hospital, I came out in January 2012 and started training with Chris in May 2012. Chris designed a training programme, which improved the way I lived with the disease. The training plan improved my leg and core strength, this took a lot of strain off my lungs and I was able to walk for longer periods. The training plan also increased my energy levels and helped me alleviate the fatigue I was suffering heavily from. Lung function was also improved. Chris also gave me nutritional advice, which again made me feel better, and improved my energy levels.


Dear Chris

I want to thank you for the help and guidance you are giving me to improve my strength and fitness. I am 65 year old lady and suffer from COPD and Emphysema Osteoporosis.

You have thoroughly assessed me for diet , weight , body fat etc. Since I started with you again in May, the improvements you have helped me make are incredible.  Initially struggling to get up off the floor, to climb the stairs without clinging onto the banister, walking up small hills, the list goes on.  The strength exercises you devised for my whole body muscle groups are a huge success. You have moved me on from machine weights to free weights. My legs and arms are noticeably stronger. I can actually carry things up and down stairs. My stamina has improved beyond my wildest dreams. I actually walked around Chester Zoo over the hills, up the ramps, without stopping.

Thank you Chris.



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